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How hard is it to set up a Lillipad workstation?

Lillipad ships in one box fully assembled. No tools are needed. It takes seconds to setup your Lillipad!

Why are there 2 sizes of Lillipads?

We have 2 sizes to provide options for user height preference. Lillipad "42" has a standing height of 42". Ergonomic experts say this is best for most people 5'9" and below. Lillipad "48" has a full standing height of 48" and is better for users 5'10" and taller.

How can I order Lillipads for my team?

We'd be happy to include you in our popular Lillipad Partners program.

Fill out our form on the Contact or For Companies page. Or email us at

How do I lower Lillipad past the 27" safety stop?

When lowering Lillipad to the stored position, the system will intentionally stop at 27" on Lillipad 48 and 26.5" on Lillipad 42.

Clear the surrounding area of any objects, furry friends, and roommates.

Make sure no plugs are in your surge protector and all equipment is removed from the desktop.

Enter this code to lower:

1) Slowly click and release the Lock button 3 times, Lillipad will 'beep'

2) Simultaneously press and hold the Lock + Down buttons to lower Lillipad to storage height.

Note: If at any point you hear two beeps. You will then have to re-enter steps 1 & 2 to lower Lillipad. See the manual for further instructions.

How to unlock Lillipad?

Press and hold the Lock Button for 3-5 seconds until the screen display changes. See the manual for more functionality features.

My Lillipad is not lifting from the 6” stored height?

Sometimes Lillipad has a slow start to the day, especially before coffee. Try giving Lillipad a boost! Position your left hand under the front-center of the desktop, while pressing the Up Arrow with your right hand, provide a slight upward boost with your left hand. See video below!

Lillipad is not waking up?

Once your Lillipad is plugged in, ensure the power switch on the surge protector is positioned to “reset” and illuminated. 

Do you offer an extended warranty or maintenance plan?

Lillipad workstations and accessories have a one year limited warranty.

Will this fit under my bed or couch?

The Lillipad is designed to fit under any couch or bedframe that is 6” or higher. If you plan on storing under a bed or couch, make sure you check any center support bars that may be positioned below 6 inches. 

My Bed or Couch is not 6” high?

Your Lillipad can be easily stored in a corner, closet, etc. We’ve also seen users add furniture height risers to lift a bed or couch just enough for the Lillipad to fit under a bed or couch. There are a number of options available online.

Lillipad is giving me an error message?

If the display is showing code E00, press and hold the Up + Down arrows simultaneously until Lillipad reaches full standing height.

Upon a successfull reset, Lillipad will beep once.

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