New to Lillipad

How hard is it to set up a Lillipad workstation?

Lillipad ships in one box fully assembled. No tools are needed. It takes seconds to set up your Lillipad!

Can the wheels roll on carpet?

ou bet! All 4 wheels enable for effortless transportation on any floor surface, even the thickest of carpets. It’s super easy to roll like a hand-truck or push like a shopping cart.

Do the wheels lock?

Each workstation comes with a wheel stop that keeps the desk in-place and stationary when desired. The wheel stop is removable and is very effective when installed. 

How stable & sturdy is the Lillipad?

You'll be pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Our workstations are Intertek Certified to the UL962 standard for small office & home office furnishings. Here are some performance metrics--

  • 3,000+ consecutive cycles
  • Tabletop load tested to hold 350lbs
  • Passed all stability, durability, tip tests for our certification

Whether on carpet or hard surfaces, our customers continue to be awed by our quality and stability

Is this a manual lift or electric height-adjustable?

All of our workstations are powered by electric motors allowing you to effortlessly adjust to any height at the push of a button. We'll leave the cheap crank desks to the other guys...

Does this desk allow for sitting and standing? 

Of course. Use the electric control pad to position table height to your most comfortable ergonomic heights

How quiet are Lillipad motors?

You’ll barely notice ‘em. When in operation, you’ll hear the motors but they are impressively quiet. 

How quick will my Lillipad ship?

We fulfill orders next business day. Depending on your location ground shipping usually takes 1 - 6 days.

Why are there two sizes of Lillipads?

The Lillipad 42 has a maximum standing height of 42 inches. Ergonomic experts suggest the Lillipad 42 for individuals who are 5'9" and below. The Lillipad 48 has a max height of 48 inches and is better suited for users who are 5'10" and taller.

The models also have a slight variation in desktop size. More information can be found on the product pages.

What is the difference in desktop size between The Lillipad 42 and Lillipad 48

Lillipad 42

  • 24in x 46.25in 

Lillipad 48

  • 25in x 52in 

Are Lillipads Made in the USA?

Yes. We're proud to say our workstations are Made in the USA with domestic and imported parts. 

We use the highest-quality industrial grade components many of which are produced in the heart of the Midwest.

Does Lillipad have a customer service team?

We pride ourselves on having fantastic customer service squad. We monitor our customer support channels 24/7.

We’re available via email outreach and can provide additional support over the phone & FaceTime 7 days a week.

Is the Lillipad certified?

Yes. The Lillipad is Intertek Certified to the UL962 Standard for Small Office / Home Office Furnishings.

Where can I store my Lillipad?

Every Lillipad has a tabletop storage height of 6 inches. Many of our customers store their workstations under beds, couches, in closets or in unused corners.

Will my Lillipad fit in a car?

We’ve seen both the Lillipad 48 & 42 fit in the rear section of many sedan sized vehicles. Obviously any small to mi-sized SUV is no problem. 

How easy is it to mount my monitors?

Our monitor arms all have quick release functionalities making for near-effortless install & breakdown.

We provide a universal VESA 75x75 100x100 mounting plate with each monitor arm.

Getting Started FAQs

How to unlock Lillipad?

Press and hold the Lock Button for 3-5 seconds until the screen display changes. See the manual for more functionality features.

How do I lower Lillipad past the 27" safety stop?

When lowering Lillipad to the stored position, the system will intentionally stop at 27" on Lillipad 48 and 26.5" on Lillipad 42.

Clear the surrounding area of any objects, furry friends, and roommates.

Make sure no plugs are in your surge protector and all equipment is removed from the desktop.

Enter this code to lower:

1) Slowly click and release the Lock button 3 times, Lillipad will 'beep'

2) Simultaneously press and hold the Lock + Down buttons to lower Lillipad to storage height.

Note: If at any point you hear two beeps. You will then have to re-enter steps 1 & 2 to lower Lillipad. See the manual for further instructions.

My Lillipad is not lifting from the 6” stored height?

Sometimes Lillipad has a slow start to the day, especially before coffee. Try giving Lillipad a boost! Position your left hand under the front-center of the desktop, while pressing the Up Arrow with your right hand, provide a slight upward boost with your left hand. See video below!

Waking up my Lillipad

Once your Lillipad is plugged in, ensure the power switch on the surge protector is positioned to “reset” and illuminated. 

My Bed or Couch is not 6” high?

Your Lillipad can be easily stored in a corner, closet, etc. We’ve also seen users add furniture height risers to lift a bed or couch just enough for the Lillipad to fit under a bed or couch. There are a number of options available online.

Lillipad is giving me an error message?

If the display is showing code E00, press and hold the Up + Down arrows simultaneously until Lillipad reaches full standing height.

Upon a successfull reset, Lillipad will beep once.

How can I order Lillipads for my team?

We'd be happy to include you in our popular Lillipad Partners program.

Fill out our form on the Contact or For Companies page. Or email us at

Getting Started

A little boost!

Easiest unboxing ever? We think so