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What does remote work really look like outside the office?

This is a question that many employers tend to avoid as they must face the reality of unproductive remote setups which lack ergonomics.

Glamour shots of beautiful home offices are simply a fantasy for most remote workers. Majority of remote workers are using dining room tables, kitchen counters, coffee tables etc as a long-term solution.

Poor ergonomics are combined with a “bird’s nest” of cables, extension cords and monitors set on boxes or stacked on books. These unproductive, unhealthy and often unsafe solutions are unsustainable for a long-term remote and hybrid workforce. A 3in/2out hybrid model puts workers in this environment for 40% of the year.

Addressing this challenge is a daunting task, but leading companies are realizing that strategic support of remote work has a quick ROI in productivity while playing a key role in recruiting and retaining talent.

That's Where Lillipad Workstations Come In

Lillipad offers employers a turnkey solution to support their teams while influencing an unwieldy remote work environment.

Our workstation is a full-sized, ergonomic standing desk for remote workers who do not have space for a dedicated home office. Employees can set up and work from any room without the need for a heavy, permanent desk.

Lillipad’s patent-pending technology makes us the only height-adjustable table with the flexibility to work in any home environment. Users can collapse their Lillipad when it's time for life away from work. Lillipad ships fully assembled to your employee’s door, eliminating the hassle with tools, complicated instructions, and time-consuming assembly. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, press a button and your team will be working almost instantly.

We enable you to activate a hassle-free, cost-efficient remote and hybrid support program at scale. By placing an emphasis on the success and well-being of your employees, Lillipad will increase productivity, lift morale and build culture within your organization, making remote and hybrid work a progressive part of who you are.

Benefits of Investing In Lillipads For Your Remote Teams

Increase Productivity, Health & Wellness

A consistent and ergonomic work environment is the standard for every employee working in commercial office space.  Translating that environment to remote work is an investment in worker productivity, health and wellness. 

Reset Expectations

Remote work has supplied endless stories of cringe worthy video calls. A consistent environment for your customer facing teams will create a standard of performance and professionalism that will set you apart from your competition. 

Recruit & Retain Talent

For many, the line between work and life has been blurred, if not completely erased. Burnout is a major contributor to “The Big Quit.” A Lillipad program sends the message “We want you to be productive and successful when you are working, and put your office away when you are not.” Putting strategy and resources behind work-life balance will make talented folks want to come work for you.

Create a Winning Culture

Culture is key for any successful company and a challenge in a segmented workforce. Investing to support the productivity, health & wellness, work/life balance and overall success of your people speaks volumes on your company’s priorities and builds the foundation of your culture.

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