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Solidly made, sleek design!

Our daughter was moving back home for the summer. She works from home and we only had a small bunk bedroom where she could work. A friend told us about this new desk. Right out of the box it was ideal. We set it up in 5 minutes. This is very well made but portable. It should be in our family for a very long time. The adjustments are perfect for her. With a need to stretch her back or move the desk she can adjust the height and placement to fit how she chooses to work. We love it because we can put the desk under the bunkbed and not lose the utility of the room once she leaves. This is the perfect desk for the stay at home worker. With 3 adults that like to come to the lake to visit, (one that loves a standing desk)but need an at-home work space while here, the LiliPad will be coming in handy every time! Unique, well made and sleek.

Love my new standing desk

No assembly, portable, and stable. Also, the outlets in the desk are convenient.

Best portable work desk

In preparation for my new hybrid job post military career: I need a solid work desk but something that I could easily move around when not in use and setup when I work from home. Love the fast shipping and the ability to have two monitors while I work. This is a one of a kind desk.

Well built with a strong base

The Lillipad desk is so convenient and easy to use. I love that it can easily be rolled it to wherever I feel like working for the day. The base is strong with quality sturdy wheels. The legs sit at the back of the desk leaving plenty of leg room. The dual monitor arms are also a perfect addition for quick set up and removal of monitors as needed. I would definitely recommend this desk to anyone.

Works Great

Easy set up

GREAT product, BETTER service. Love Lillipad!

PERFECT DESK for hybrid home/office workers. I love being able to stash it under the bed on weekends and in-office days - it gives us our bedroom back–that's a huge quality of life improvement.

It's well-built and is quick and easy to set up. My 5'4"wife can set it up and store it no problem. Plus it goes HIGH; I'm 6'4" and the 48" Lillipad goes high enough for me, unlike some others.

But the real reason I'm writing this review is because I'm SO IMPRESSED with Lillipad's customer service: We had a hiccup requiring a control module reset (this has happened with literally ALL 3 different electric adjustable desks I've owned/used). I called Lillipad support at 7:55am, Colin picked up, quickly solved my issue, and I was on my 8am call. Wow. Love the product, and now I especially love supporting this company. Go Lillipad.

Elevated My Home Office

I work remotely and spend a lot of time at my desk, so I needed a standing desk to help with issues arising from sitting so much. We are also planning to start slow traveling through the US soon, so I wanted a desk that would be easier to move. The Lillipad turned out to be just what I was looking for! The desk was ready to go out of the box and so easy to set up and use. The first day I used it in the standing position for about three hours and immediately saw the difference when my body wasn't sore at the end of the day. So happy that I found the perfect desk for my work and travel lifestyle!

Good floor to stand desk

I got this desk so I could use it sitting on the floor. I dislike that when you program a setting you still have to press and hold the button. I wish it would auto go to the height set. It could also be a smidge taller. But otherwise suits my needs well!

Chicago Lillipad

We love our Lillipad! My job recently changed and we needed a second desk to accommodate my new hybrid WFH schedule - the Lillipad has been the best solution for our apartment! Great size and quality, no assembly needed, and easy to move around and store when needed. Colin was extremely responsive and helpful answering questions. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family!

I really love this desk! The wheels are great on any type of flooring. My office is covered in a thick carpet and it just rolls side to side beautifully. I only wish I could turn the wheels in, lock them in place, and roll the desk front to back as easy as it goes side to side.

Great desk; great service

I love that it goes up to 48 inches tall. Finally, a standing desk that's actually tall enough for me to work at while standing. The memory settings also make it easy to adjust between standing and sitting heights, allowing me to adjust my working positions throughout the day. Just as cool as all that, I can clear the top, lower it to six inches and stash it under the bed, converting my office into a guest room in about two minutes.

I had an issue with the monitor clip underneath the table, and support took care of it right away. They were personable, understanding, and so very friendly. It's a rare joy to find customer service like this!

Just about the only feature this desk doesn't have is the ability to hover. I can't wait for Lillipad 2.0. ;-P

Great desk for Lighting Programmer at a Theatre

This desk is fantastic for a tall lighting programmer at a theatre. It's strong enough to hold my 55 lb ETC GIO@5 plus my laptop and a monitor. It's quiet going up and down and super easy to move around. It collapses small enough that storing it isn't a problem. Making it through 8-10 hour tech rehearsals is so much better and has given me better vision of the stage as I adjust moving lights and stretch my legs and I can raise and lower the desk easily and quietly.

Good desk, solid build. However, the controller and firmware need help.

A few things I think could improve.

1. Unlocking is tedious, should be able to disable that feature, or do like a double tap, something that's fast.

2. Memory function. Not only do you have to unlock, but then you have to hold the button the entire time while it's moving from sitting to standing (or vice versa). You should be able to just hit the memory function and it moves.

3. Several times the controller gets confused, especially going all the way up or down. Multiple times I have needed to completely unplug the desk and start over. The firmware seems buggy.

Hi David, thank you for your feedback and suggestions for improvement! We're glad to hear you’re finding value in your Lillipad

Below are a few tips to better familiarize users with our custom smart-tech software. Our desks adhere to the UL962 product and safety certification standard, which includes specific software safety guidelines. This is necessary due to Lillipad's innovative and proprietary functionality, which sets our desks apart from all others on the market.

1) Lock button: Because Lillipad has the greatest height range of any standing desk (6-48 inches) the system ‘falls asleep’ after 30 seconds of no command. This is a safety feature to prevent any unintended movements, or usage from people that shouldn’t have access to the Lillipad.

Tip: To unlock, simply press and hold the lock button for 4-5 seconds until the display shows the table height.

2) Memory presets: We understand your desire for a quicker memory function. However, our current click-and-hold method prioritizes safety, while our incorporated collision detection sensors add an extra layer of protection.

3) If you’re ever having trouble with your Lillipad, please use our online chatbox found on our homepage, where our team is available for immediate assistance. We also provide direct call and FaceTime support for all of our customers!

Rest assured, our Lillipads and software are incredibly reliable and have been built to withstand 3,000+ consecutive cycles and years of demanding use. Customer surveys show users are willing to forfeit the few seconds of commands, for Lillipads industry-best functionality!

Thank you for choosing Lillipad, and we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of our desk!

Always here if you need us,
Team Lillipad

The Lillipad desk has so far been one of the best purchases I’ve made. I needed something that I could store horizontally or vertically without taking up too much space, and that was also suitable for my above average height. I love that the height adjustment is electric, given that my last standing desk was mechanical and took considerable effort to get properly level.

By far the best part of my experience has been the customer service. They are extremely responsive and personable which made me feel truly valued as a customer and excited to support this company.

If, like me, you are in need of a sturdy desk that can be easily stored and works for a variety of heights I highly recommend the lillipad!

The best ever, product, service, everything!! I LOVE my desk. I store it under my bed at night and during the day it’s super easy to pull out and raise up do my work. I love that I can lower it to fit under my bed. I cover it with a big towel and it’s out of sight. I have to say the service is ALSO the very best! I had an error on my table because of something I did. The website had a chat section and in less than 2 min help was given to me. I very quickly had the problem fixed. I can’t say enough good things about my desk and the company. Well done for making this awesome product.

I’m very impressed. The quality of the product is above my expectations. I’ve been pretty rough with my Lillipad moving it all around my home, to my parents home, and even bringing it on vacation. It has taken some hits along the way being transported in and out of cars, on sidewalks, and various storage configurations… but it’s still in perfect condition. Zero damage. I am able to transport the desk in the backseat of a Honda Accord. Thank you lillipad!

Fantastic product with just as fantastic customer service. Lilipad was a MASSIVE upgrade to my work from home setup. The desk is extremely spacious and so easy to adjust to the height I want. I initially had concerns about leg clearance, but there is plenty space between my legs and metal legs on the desk when I’m sitting down. Very easy to get in the zone at work when having one of these. There’s my life before the Lilipad, then there’s my life after the Lilipad. Safe to say I’m never turning back.

I needed to start standing throughout the day, so I looked at adjustable desks, and this one fits the bill. With a condo in San Francisco and a need to have the option to move the desk under a bed - this choice was brilliant!

Big kudos to the team and your CEO, who helped me along the way.

It's an awesome product and phenomenal service.


I love my Lillipad! I was hesitant at first because of the price point. I looked for other work-from-home desk options but I couldn't find another that would 1) Allow me to sit or stand easily while working, 2) Give me ample desk space, 3) Not take up too much real estate in my studio apartment, and 4) Break down and go away once work was done to give me my living space back. Lillipad meets each of these requirements perfectly. It fits under my full size bed and I can set it up and take it easily down by myself. I added a Vivo Clamp-on Keyboard Tray and have ordered a monitor arm to free up even more desk space. I consider the Lillipad some of the best money I have spent because I'm taking care of my body while I work plus I get my living space back when I'm not at work. Thank you Lillipad, for being the perfect solution for me.

We bought a Lillipad to be a versatile and sturdy addition to our boutique fitness studio. It has exceeded expectations in every way. As a small studio, space comes at a premium and the Lillipad is an easy to move and set up work station when we need extra desk space for our staff. We also host virtual workouts via zoom, so the ease of raising/lowering the height is extremely helpful when needing to show an exercise from a different angle. The Lillipad has helped us to use our space efficiently while also increasing our overall productivity--a win win for a small business.

Has been an excellent addition to the WFH experience –– customer service has been above and beyond, am really impressed by the product and company. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to have a more ergonomic, sleek setup at home.

I’ve had my desk for over a year. I just moved apartments and have to applaud lillipad. I didn’t realize how thankful and impressed I’d be until I set up the lillipad desk in my new spot. Unlike previous moves, I didn’t think twice about whether my new apartment would be suitable for WFH or if I could move my entire office. I’m now working in the living room where we can’t have a permanent desk. We had to list my girlfriend's uplift standing desk on FB marketplace and then disassemble it into many pieces to remove it from our old apartment. The lillipad was moved with no tools and very little effort. The difference in lillipads versatility, ease of use, and longevity of value is worth every single penny.

I run a CVB that specializes in events and services. We used to have drywall cubicles for our interns, but upon finding out about Lillipad, we knocked the cubicles down to replace them with these fantastic desks!
They are very simple to use, extremely portable, and take up way less space than most other desks.
In a work environment where each day is different than the next, having adaptable space is crucial.
Would definitely recommend using!

10 out of 10 product and customer service. Their support team went above and beyond for me. They responded quickly to all my questions and frequently checked-in to make sure I had a great experience

I’m beyond happy with my Lillipad!

Before this desk, I spent a lot of time working from the couch. But the constant neck/back pain was just too much. I didn’t have space for a permanent desk in my living room, so I was basically out of options until I found the Lillipad. It was the perfect solution.

Some things I love about this desk:

1. It’s sturdy and stable to work, type, and write on (even at max height).

2. From top to bottom, the build quality is seriously impressive; I can tell that it was made in the USA.

3. Every feature I need is already built into the desk (power strip, wheels, cable management, monitor mounts, etc.).

4. It arrived fully assembled, so I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of putting it together.

5. Most importantly, it can be folded down for storage. This feature was a must-have since I can’t keep the desk in my living room after work. And it works exactly as expected: Just hold a couple of buttons, and the desk lowers to the floor.

Plus, customer service has been super helpful and responsive throughout the process.

Overall, the Lillipad is the perfect standing desk for anyone who works from home with limited space. Highly recommended!