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The best ever, product, service, everything!! I LOVE my desk. I store it under my bed at night and during the day it’s super easy to pull out and raise up do my work. I love that I can lower it to fit under my bed. I cover it with a big towel and it’s out of sight. I have to say the service is ALSO the very best! I had an error on my table because of something I did. The website had a chat section and in less than 2 min help was given to me. I very quickly had the problem fixed. I can’t say enough good things about my desk and the company. Well done for making this awesome product.

I’m very impressed. The quality of the product is above my expectations. I’ve been pretty rough with my Lillipad moving it all around my home, to my parents home, and even bringing it on vacation. It has taken some hits along the way being transported in and out of cars, on sidewalks, and various storage configurations… but it’s still in perfect condition. Zero damage. I am able to transport the desk in the backseat of a Honda Accord. Thank you lillipad!

Fantastic product with just as fantastic customer service. Lilipad was a MASSIVE upgrade to my work from home setup. The desk is extremely spacious and so easy to adjust to the height I want. I initially had concerns about leg clearance, but there is plenty space between my legs and metal legs on the desk when I’m sitting down. Very easy to get in the zone at work when having one of these. There’s my life before the Lilipad, then there’s my life after the Lilipad. Safe to say I’m never turning back.

I needed to start standing throughout the day, so I looked at adjustable desks, and this one fits the bill. With a condo in San Francisco and a need to have the option to move the desk under a bed - this choice was brilliant!

Big kudos to the team and your CEO, who helped me along the way.

It's an awesome product and phenomenal service.


I love my Lillipad! I was hesitant at first because of the price point. I looked for other work-from-home desk options but I couldn't find another that would 1) Allow me to sit or stand easily while working, 2) Give me ample desk space, 3) Not take up too much real estate in my studio apartment, and 4) Break down and go away once work was done to give me my living space back. Lillipad meets each of these requirements perfectly. It fits under my full size bed and I can set it up and take it easily down by myself. I added a Vivo Clamp-on Keyboard Tray and have ordered a monitor arm to free up even more desk space. I consider the Lillipad some of the best money I have spent because I'm taking care of my body while I work plus I get my living space back when I'm not at work. Thank you Lillipad, for being the perfect solution for me.

We bought a Lillipad to be a versatile and sturdy addition to our boutique fitness studio. It has exceeded expectations in every way. As a small studio, space comes at a premium and the Lillipad is an easy to move and set up work station when we need extra desk space for our staff. We also host virtual workouts via zoom, so the ease of raising/lowering the height is extremely helpful when needing to show an exercise from a different angle. The Lillipad has helped us to use our space efficiently while also increasing our overall productivity--a win win for a small business.

Has been an excellent addition to the WFH experience –– customer service has been above and beyond, am really impressed by the product and company. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to have a more ergonomic, sleek setup at home.

I’ve had my desk for over a year. I just moved apartments and have to applaud lillipad. I didn’t realize how thankful and impressed I’d be until I set up the lillipad desk in my new spot. Unlike previous moves, I didn’t think twice about whether my new apartment would be suitable for WFH or if I could move my entire office. I’m now working in the living room where we can’t have a permanent desk. We had to list my girlfriend's uplift standing desk on FB marketplace and then disassemble it into many pieces to remove it from our old apartment. The lillipad was moved with no tools and very little effort. The difference in lillipads versatility, ease of use, and longevity of value is worth every single penny.

I run a CVB that specializes in events and services. We used to have drywall cubicles for our interns, but upon finding out about Lillipad, we knocked the cubicles down to replace them with these fantastic desks!
They are very simple to use, extremely portable, and take up way less space than most other desks.
In a work environment where each day is different than the next, having adaptable space is crucial.
Would definitely recommend using!

10 out of 10 product and customer service. Their support team went above and beyond for me. They responded quickly to all my questions and frequently checked-in to make sure I had a great experience

I’m beyond happy with my Lillipad!

Before this desk, I spent a lot of time working from the couch. But the constant neck/back pain was just too much. I didn’t have space for a permanent desk in my living room, so I was basically out of options until I found the Lillipad. It was the perfect solution.

Some things I love about this desk:

1. It’s sturdy and stable to work, type, and write on (even at max height).

2. From top to bottom, the build quality is seriously impressive; I can tell that it was made in the USA.

3. Every feature I need is already built into the desk (power strip, wheels, cable management, monitor mounts, etc.).

4. It arrived fully assembled, so I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of putting it together.

5. Most importantly, it can be folded down for storage. This feature was a must-have since I can’t keep the desk in my living room after work. And it works exactly as expected: Just hold a couple of buttons, and the desk lowers to the floor.

Plus, customer service has been super helpful and responsive throughout the process.

Overall, the Lillipad is the perfect standing desk for anyone who works from home with limited space. Highly recommended!

Absolutely love my desk. For the most part I leave it where it is all week but because my place isn’t huge, any time I have company over I can quickly and easily lower it down and roll it under my couch.

Also when I first got it I had some questions and their customer service was incredible. They were very kind and extremely patient with me as I asked them questions. 10/10 would recommend, I’ll never have to buy a desk again.

My company now offers Lillipads for remote work. What a huge difference when I am working from my apartment. I also love that I can put it away and not have to look at my desk when I don't need it for work.

Excellent product! Finally a desk that is both durable and versatile to a flexible working environment at home.

I love how collapsible the Lillipad is, which tucks away underneath my couch when I don’t want my living room looking like an office, and then it’s quick and easy to set back up when needed.

The customer service is great too.

Highly recommend the Lillipad! And I have to many friends…

I knew right when I first saw this product that it was essentially perfect for my needs. But of course I had to give it a test run. It's built exactly how it needs to be unfortunately at first I had to move and place it in storage and it was incredibly easy to slide under a couch. Now it's the perfect addition to my new office. Sometimes I need to switch rooms as well and everything neatly rolls into the next room without any issues. Being able to sit two positions for standing and sitting makes transitioning between them incredibly easy. The desk feels very sturdy and stable with a beautiful finish and easy ways to keep your cords. Relatively neat. I've seen a lot of different standing desk variations and this is by far the most efficient and highest quality I that I have utilized.

LiliPad is best standing desk around! Easy to set up and easier to use. This is functional, sturdy, and efficient. Best of all, it is one of the only standing desks that works with my height (6’5”). This has been a game changer for me!

I've had my Lillipad for about 1 1/2 years. Today I moved it to my basement, very easy. I purchased it mainly for it's low profile for storage and the fact that it can be used at as sit desk and stand desk, and it all seemed very user friendly which it is. What I'm sure, I saw and knew from the descriptions when I bought it but forgot really amazed me today!!!
I found 3 USB outlets on the desk itself! A whole power strip with 3 electrical outlets right there on the desk itself. And all this time, I could have charged my phone and my watch on my desk while I was working. I had to laugh at my self.
Lastly, I contacted Lillipad because I thought I was missing the pole to my desk monitor, I was contacted right away, and the pole was right there underneath the left hand side of the desk.
I love the desk even more, knowing all the features it has that I didn't use.
Thank You Lillipad People for building an amazing user freindly desk. Jenny

This Lillipad has been a total game changer. The best kept secret in the WFH world. Unbelievably easy to unbox, hook up, and get started. Not to mention, putting the desk out of sight is a breeze. This has completely changed my work from home experience - I’ve even been asked about it from coworkers ever since. The customer support and feedback is seamless and beyond easy. Get. One. Now.

Such an upgrade! Currently, we have two people working remotely in a one-bedroom apartment. The Lillipad allows us to turn the bedroom into an office during the day and back into a bedroom at night, so we both can still keep work compartmentalized when it's over. The Lillipad is also SO easy to set up, break down, and move around that it has made for a very convenient home office foundation. 10/10, cannot recommend enough!

Lillipad's portable and storable feature is the best, but this has been an amazing addition with my walking pad. I use the monitor mount about half the time but either way I can set this up in under five minutes. This has completely changed my WFH. I underestimated how much I would love it. Thank You!!

My desk has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and the ability to raise and lower the desk is a true game changer. I love having the luxury of adjusting the height to my liking on a daily basis. It’s great not having to work from the couch or the kitchen and my productivity levels have definitely increased. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an upgrade to their work from experience!

Working from home can get dull QUICK! Having my lillipad makes it so easy for me to bounce around my apartment for a change of scenery (and then is so easy to pack up and store at the end of the day, leaving my space completely clutter free). This is such a game changer for WFH / Hybrid workers. overall amazing quality AND it's made in the USA 🇺🇸

Desk works great. Ready to work right out of the box. Easy to use takes up little room. Nice to be able to stand and work with a window view. Only improvement suggestion to make a 5 star: Little wobbly - not enough to be a hindrance. Would be an improvement to think of a way to stabilize or easy engage/disengage anchor.
However, i still very much recommend. So easy to move from one location to another and put away if needed. Great Idea!

Easy to assemble and put on my stand alone monitors. Thanks for thinking of adding in the velcro strips to hold the wiring. Beats zip ties.

The Lilipad experience has been everything as advertised! The ease of use and customer support is by far a 10/10. Highly recommend!