Lillipad named Best New WFH Release

"Elevate your work-from-home game, literally. When you're done with work for the day, it collapses down small enough to slide under a couch or hide away in a closet"

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Ergonomics Matter

"Considering the amount of time that millions of us spend at our desks each day, it’s surprising how little thought most of us put into our posture... not to mention our overall health"

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When it comes to Quality, Lillipad did not cut any corners..

"We have built far more than our fair share of desks in our time, and typically our goal is to assemble those in 30-45 minutes. This desk took 30-45 seconds from unboxing to being ready to use."

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Lillipad rated as the Best Overall Ergonomic Desk of 2023

"If you’ve got a complex workspace with a monitor or two, laptop, desktop, and power cords, but you don’t want to sit all day, consider the Lillipad Work Station"

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23 Height-Adjustable Desks for Making It Work

"The Lillipad adjustable electric desk is certainly the most storage friendly option on our list if you’re working with limited space."

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Lillipad desk review: A sit-stand desk that fits under your bed

"With Lillipad, you're minutes away from a fully functional desk setup that only takes up space when needed."

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CNN Underscored

"This desk let's me work from home while maximizing my small apartment space"

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Best standing desks for home offices, tested and reviewed

"The only sit-stand desk we've seen built for temporary workstations. It's an excellent concept that helps create the perfect work environment, even if it's going back under the bed a few hours later."

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