The Lillipad Mobile Ergonomic Workstation Is Unlike Anything Else

We created the Lillipad workstation because we know remote work happens in many different environments. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, remote work is a bunch of compromises. People needed solutions with flexibility that the current market did not offer. For us, the answer was a full size height adjustable workstation that is portable and can be stored away.  It also needed to have integrated power and monitor mounts because that is how people work.  The Lillipad is a world class height adjustable workstation that adapts to the way YOU live, not the other way around.

No Assembly Required

You don't need any tools to get started with your Lillipad mobile workstation. Just open the box, roll it where you want it, plug it in, and get productive!

Move It, Roll It.

The wheels on the Lillipad workstation make it simple to move. Roll it where you need it for work mode or out of the way for that weekend gathering.

Sit or Stand. It's Your Choice.

The Lillipad is a powered ergonomic workstation that adjusts to variable heights at the touch of a button.

Lillipad Mobile Workstation

Fits under a bed, couch or in a closet

Lillipad's 6" storage height makes your living space bigger. This proprietary feature enables users to store Lillipad when not in use, freeing up valuable space for life's activities. We're proud to say this is the only electric workstation in the world with such functionality!

You Have The Power

One plug to the wall powers the desk as well as 3 integrated outlets, 3 USBs and 1 USB-C. Power two monitors, a laptop & accesories. Cable management doesn't require spagehtti.

Built With Quality

The Lillipad workstation is assembled in the USA, with sturdy construction, and loaded with all the features of a commercial grade workstation.

Make It Yours

We offer desktop color options and accessories, such as monitor arms, standing mats, and more! Create a work setup tailored to your needs.