Lillipad Mobile Workstation

Stow It Away For Life Mode

One of the most unique things about Lillipad mobile ergonomic workstations is that they easily fold up to a 6" storage height to allow storage under a bed, couch, or in an unused corner. This feature allows you to put work away and make the most of living your life while making the most of your space. Average set up and breakdown time of the Lillipad adjustable standing desk is less than 2 minutes, so you can switch between work and life modes very easily.

  • 1. Order It

    Order your Lillipad 42 or 48 workstation with the desktop color of your choice. Don't forget any accessories that will enable you to maximize productivity.

  • 2. Ship It

    Lillipad ships to your door in one box,fully assembled! No tools or frustration are required.

  • 3. Set It Up

    Roll Lillipad to your preffered location. Connect to power, raise Lillipad to your desired sitting or standing height, add accessories, and get productive!